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Feed Your Mind-How to be a Rockstar of Support to Client who is Grieving

Louanne Flanagan Caspar - Executrixie LLC

How to be a Rockstar of Support to Client who is Grieving

Many people want to help a friend or family member, who is experiencing a severe loss. Likewise, business owners want to say the right thing to clients and to the families of their clients in similar situations. Words often fail us at times like these, leaving us stammering for the right thing to say. Some people are so afraid to say or do the wrong thing, they choose to do nothing at all. Doing nothing at all is certainly an option, but it's not often a good one. In this talk, Louanne Flanagan Caspar discusses practical ways to help a friend, family member, and a client after the death of a loved one.

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Presentation begins promptly at 12:00 PM, please arrive 15-20 mins prior to settle in.