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Blueprint for Financial Success - Will We Keep Cruising Along?

Hosted by Mary Anne Leichliter-Rice, Financial Adviser with Eagle Strategies LLC

Join Tom McNeil (Divisional Vice President, * Brinker Capital), CIMA & Mary Anne Leichliter-Rice (Financial Planner/Adviser), MBA for an evening of interactive investment education.

Want to learn how to build a strong financial foundation? During our free seminar "Blueprint for Financial Success," we will explore the basics of building financial security - including managing debt, growing savings, and safeguarding against unexpected events.

Will we keep cruising along? Or, will trade and the Fed put us on the road to recession (and a bear market). We will focus on the current environment, the questions most clients are asking, and give our views on what we can expect in the near term. We can also incorporate some data that supports why clients should invest, and stay invested.
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