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Renee Ward, Breast Cancer Survivor - Trying Times and Racing Minds: Stress Less Strategies

Renee Ward, Catalyst Health Coaching

An interactive session about the two main types of stress, the impacts on our health, typical stress responses, and some healthier ways to manage stress.

In less than 5 yrs, Renee experienced a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, sent two children to college, had her first panic attack, faced a six-figure personal debt, had another major surgery, sold a home filled with 20+ yrs of family memories, had a heart attack scare, and separated after 25 yrs of marriage. She combined the lessons learned during this personal journey, with her knowledge as a certified health coach, to develop Stress Less Strategies.

You know chronic stress is likely affecting your own health right now. Don't wait for your body to send you a wake up call. Commit to taking action today. Join Renee for this interactive session that will send you out the door with practical tips you can ease into your busy life and reduce your stress starting immediately.

The event is FREE but seating is limited. Please register on Eventbrite.