Click on the image to watch the video that WRAl news aired about us!

Click on the image to watch the video that WRAl news aired about us!

Don’t Call it Networking
Women hate networking.

Yes, everyone hates networking, but many professional women are turning their backs on the stilted speed-dating handshakes, smiles and business card exchanges. These women want relationships with other professional women. READ MORE

New Co-Working Space Focuses on Support and Connections

Now open in Cary Towne Center, Vibe is a new co-working space focused on female entrepreneurs and getting people out of their homes and making real-world connections. READ MORE

Leah Campbell and Nanette Mattox, co-founders of Vibe, have enjoyed 10 years of friendship. Both moved to Cary in the same year, originally from the Northeast, and from lively Italian families that were loud, loved food and enjoyed entertaining.

They both also arrived at a point in their lives where they were ready to launch a second career and own their own businesses. After sharing an amazing experience working on a committee with a dynamic group of professional women -- where stuff actually got done -- they both wanted to pursue a venture that supported independent, motivated women in business. They decided to provide a space for these like-minded professionals to work, engage, gather and support each other. After a number of fits and starts, ebbs and flows -- and some rather loud discussions -- Vibe was born.

Leah and Nanette found that most of the coworking spaces they visited were not places where they would be comfortable working. They often had too much of an industrial, techie feel, along with one too many ping-pong tables and backless metal stools. They wanted to create a space that was more attractive for women to work. Something more comfy and welcoming, that had softer edges, but with oomph. A place with a different Vibe.

Leah Campbell has a varied 20-year career working in the fields of public relations, marketing, and administration.  She has one child and one husband. One common thread with all of them -- and what she enjoys doing most – is connecting people. Whether it was arranging a play date for her son, a love connection for a coworker, or an introduction between two enterprising solopreneurs, she has spent a lifetime playing matchmaker.

Opening Vibe allows her to continue on this path, only on a grander scale by providing an inviting space for professionals to connect, collaborate and grow.

Leah, like her dad, has a gift for gab, as well as a head for useless facts and a love of old movies. Her biggest pet peeves are people making noise when she is watching a movie, anyone who touches her stuff and doesn’t put it back, and drivers who don’t let you merge on I-40, even when you have your blinker on.

Nanette Mattox For the last ten years Nanette has worked as a solopreneur graphic designer for small business clients and non-profits. Nanette has a long career in retail department store advertising, catalog and marketing as a senior level art director and graphic designer. She has managed teams of highly productive creatives in a fast-paced environment and interfaced with all levels of senior management. She has a strong has multi-tasker, organizational, solution-finding, “get it done” work ethic. She is active with The Heart of Cary Association’s Events Committee and has held numerous board positions on various PTAs. She and her family have enjoyed living in Cary for the past 10 years. Nanette’s passion for cooking had her working part-time at a local kitchen store, loving chatting with customers about shared foodie experiences.

Nanette’s freelance career and experience with the isolation of working from home led her to the concept of embracing the emerging coworking concept but fashioning a space where professionals – especially women --  will be comfortable and connected, yet able to focus and do a deep dive into their work.